07.08. – Day #22: White sandy beach

Today started with crossing some classical farmland with nice, traditional farmhouses and a castle.
After a while the landscape changed and the coast turned to white accessible beaches. Wow that’s nice and now I know why many people recommended me to go south!
I had some very nice sceneries on my way and now I ended up in a military zone that is open to public at the moment. You have big dunes in front of the ocean, grassland with horses, cows and sheep everywhere. This all is so picturesque and so many contrasts color wise.
I had a quick and cold swim in the ocean, had dinner and met 2 other young Germans who are also camping here and we had a nice chat by the fireplace. It’s good to connect sometimes!
By night it’s supposed to rain but I hope by the morning it will be clear sky again.

Maybe I reach Malmö, my departure city in Sweden, in 2 days. Ottawa weird feeling as I have really adapted to travel in Sweden now.

See you tomorrow if you like,

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