06.08. – Day #21: Karlskrona to Mörrum

First of all I want to say thank you for the nice, loving and uplifting reactions I have received about my video yesterday. This is so motivating to see that I can reach so many people and inspire them.
Also as of yesterday we are already able to finance 18 chemotherapies for Mexican children with cancer. Your support means the world to me and surely also to this children and families we can give a new hope. 🙂

Yesterday I had a nice visit in Karlskrona and also went to the Marine Museum, where you can see real submarines and lots of other boats. The rest of the day I relaxed at the campground. I think 4-5 days on the bike in a row is enough.
This morning I started by boat which meant a short cut of 20km. I’m glad I found out about this option.
First I had to drive a few km next to the highway, which is not nice at all but at least I had my own lane. At lunch I met a Peruvian family that lives in Stockholm and it was my first chat in Spanish for quite some time. It would be so exciting to cycle in South America 🙂
Right now I have reached a town called Mörrum where I stay for the night. I noticed the nice old school they have. I’m next to the river Mörrumsån, which is famous for its salmon. Now I can enjoy the sound of water and relax.
It seems as the pretty summer weather is changing. It’s a little cooler and cloudy and for Sunday they project thunderstorms. Let’s see – I think I need 3 mire days to reach Malmö and I intend to enjoy those last days in beautiful Sweden.
Good night,

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