06.07.21: Arrival in Sweden

Velosperanza finally entered the hot preparation phase when I flew to Östersund, Sweden

Since a year I had the thought of doing a project during this summer and now it will finally start!
I took all my bike bags and wrapped them into one piece of luggage and my bike of course and went to my starting point in Sweden.
The entry was easy and with a big welcome smile of the border control.

Right now I’m unpacking my luggage and the bike. I need to buy the first supplies and Thursday will be the first day on the bike!!!

I could already see what it means that it always comes different than you expect.
My highlights:
1) Got my transport damages fixed at a bikestore
2) Met two bikers who just started but had a flat tire after 200m – I could give them some alcohol for their cooker and we exchanged contacts. Maybe we see us in Göteborg. 😋
3) Suddenly my bike (also) had a flat tire while standing in my room. 😳 So I went back to the store and they fixed it, gave me travel tips and a scarf all for free
4) Walked through the rain and realized that people here walk through it super relaxed as they are used to it – always a matter of perspective 😋

Also the local newspaper BBV published an article about me. It’s really weird seeing that Velosperanza is actually beginning.
You can check the article here and will need a subscription.

I would very much appreciate your support for this project as all donations will go to children with cancer in Mexico.
Thank you and bye bye

Some picture of the travel and Östersund:

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  1. Hey you two! Great to see you are doing well. I was ok until here regarding flat tires 😁 Enjoy your trip, would be great to catch up so let’s keep in touch!!
    My best regards

  2. Hi Peter, we hope all is well and you didn’t have anymore flat tires. We got our second one the same day 😀. So far so good everything is going fine on the highest road in Sweden. Maybe we meet again in Göteborg.

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