05.09. – Day #41: A hard goodbye

With Brahim on my side we started again into a cloudy day passing by little towns and castles.
Today was also special as we saw many relicts from the former inner-German border. We visited a museum that showed how the border between the US controlled part of Germany and east Germany looked like. That was really interesting to see.

I also had my 3rd flat tire and as the repair didn’t worked out as expected I chose to use my spare tube now.

We also crossed a region dominated by the Kali production (salt minerals). The ground has tunnels of the size of the Munich’s street network at 600m depth we were told and we could see 2 gigantic artificial mountains of the rubbish from this industry. Pretty impressive.

After a great and also sunny day it was time to say goodbye to Brahim. When I saw him driving away I just started to cry. It felt so good to have such a good friend on my side for a little while including deep conversations, trash talk and the sharing of beautiful moments! I guess I felt the loneliness of my journey expressing itself when he left! I’m grateful for his visit and for those emotions to make their way out!

Tomorrow I will make a break and visit Fulda. I need to rest as my legs feel tired and I need to be ready for the Mountains of Rhön the day after.

Bye bye

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