04.10. – Day #57: Into the rain

Today it was a wet day. Some heavy thunderstorms are actually approaching the French and Italian coast and I could see the beginnings of this.

After I left Cremona to the south crossing the Po river, I had lunch in Fidenza where I enjoyed a short moment of sunshine. The remaining 2 hours to my destination were dominated by heavy rain. But luckily it was warm and the track easy.
Some Italians cheered to me with a “Bravo” seeing me riding through the rain 🙂

I also was riding on the pilgrim path “Via Francigena” which was used in former times as the main path from France or England to Rome. I also saw a few pilgrims on their way.

Due to the upcoming thunderstorms I need to make a 2 day break before crossing the mountains towards La Spezia and the Mediterranean coast.
I will continue the tour on Thursday.


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