04.08. – Day #20: Slow travel

Today I left Kristianopel after a relaxed morning. I really take it serious now to slow down. Slow down the speed on the bike, the kilometers I want to do, all the planning that is constantly going on in my mind….I just slow it down. It works surprisingly good this way as I feel very relaxed during the day and still I end up with enough km on the clock to make progress.
I went to a nature reserve in the morning and on the way I met two young ladies selling lemonade at the side of the street. Nice treat for a thirsty biker and a fun talk!
In the nature reserve I went for a short walk and meditated there – it was a nice energy being surrounded by nature.
I went on to the city of Karlskrona and will stay there for 2 nights as tomorrow is relaxing day.
So tomorrow I can show you the city.
Bye bye,

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