03.10. – Day #56: To Cremona

Today was the first day after my 1 week break. It was quite amazing to have so relaxed muscles. I guess the break was really necessary and I could feel how sensitive my muscles were at the beginning of my break.
Emotionally this first day went by with quite mixed feelings. I enjoyed my break a lot and now I had to go back to the biking, camping and the uncertainty of what happens next etc.

But after half of the day those thoughts slowly disappeared and I found back to the ‘bike world’.
I we t southwards from Bergamo and crossed Romano di Lombardia, Soncino and ended up in Cremona, where I could enjoy the beautiful Dome and other old buildings. It was nice to reconnect with nature as I was mostly following canals today. I even saw a turtle and a beaver was running next to me in the cycle path. That was cool! 🙂
Tomorrow I continue southwards. In 3 days I plan to reach La Spezia and the Mediterranean Coast..!
Good night for now

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