03.09. – Day #39: Friendship is priceless

Today I only had to cover 50km so I had a long and relaxed morning and did even Yoga again.
My starting point Duderstadt is a super nice city. Afterwards it was the typical hilly landscape, forests and small towns.
I arrived on time for the highlight of this weekend: my big buddy Brahim is joining me for the next 2 days and we had a nice dinner and long and meaningful conversation until midnight. It feels so good to personally talk to such a good friend about everything that happened in the past weeks and months! I realize that I was quite disconnected from this possibility since my return from Asia in March. I feel much lighter now as if the talk released some heavy energy and cleared up my mind 🙂
For our common tour we will follow the river of Werra and the weather forecast is quite nice, so we are looking forward to a nice ride.
Bye bye

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