03.08. – Day #19: 1.500km

This morning I left the island of Öland after two very enjoyable days by ferry and continued my way down south along the coast.
I went mostly through farmland where I reached 1.500km. Somehow I am happy and astonished at the same time how quick Velosperanza is advancing. I am so grateful for your support and the people on the way that offer me help or receive me with kindness. I start to see the beauty in these small gestures offered to me.
This evening I stopped in a small town called Kristianopel which is surrounded by an ancient wall built by the Danish around 1700.
I arrived earlier which gives me more time to relax, which I will do now.
Tomorrow I plan to see a nature reserve and the city of Karlskrona.
Många hälsningar,

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