02.08. – Day #18: Eventful and magic

Today was an eventful and beautiful day. I intended to take the day as it comes and not struggle with too much planning and chasing kilometers. First I headed to the southern tip of the island of Öland. The nature changes to flat grassland with a strong wind. Trees don’t grow anymore except some small and deformed ones. At the lighthouse I met an elderly woman named Madeleine, who works for the bird sanctuary. She let me look through her huge binoculars and I was able to see the seals and many birds that are resting on the banks in front of the island.
She also shared her life motto with me: “Failure is not trying”. That spoke to me a lot in my current life situation and gave me a lot of positivity. Enough to overcome a flat tire later that day 😂

That place at the lighthouse was really magic with a great, balanced energy for me. It just made me feel connected to nature and at peace with everything. Unforgettable and a highlight of my trip so far.
Later today I found shelter in an old workshop and gas station as a thunderstorm was approaching. I had a nice chat with the owner. And when I was repairing my flat tire, a couple from Switzerland stopped and asked if they could help. Those encounters and the kindness I received make this day special.
My best regards to the Swiss couple – tire is fixed and still working 🙂

Tomorrow I will go back to the mainland and continue my route southward.
Best regards

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