01.12. – Day #91: Malaga and beyond


Day 91‘s highlights were the sunrise (as always), visiting Malaga and finding a campsite with a sauna. I love sauna and it’s what my legs need right now. The wind was ok today, but tomorrow I will face a little stronger one. But it should be still ok. 🙂
I also met a lovely lady from Finland traveling 5.200km on her bike alone. So great to meet other bike travelers! (“Hi Jyrki” if you read this)

The difficult part of today was the fact that I had to take the highway. The alternative of entering and climbing the mountains is not on the agenda of my legs right now, so I had to drive 10km.
Tomorrow I will pass Marbella and get close to my final destination Tarifa.

I’m trying to tell me every day that I’m almost done but I guess the effects of this journey will still come in the weeks after.

As we come to and end of Velosperanza please consider a donation. Every amount will help Mexican children with cancer.

Gracias + Saludos,

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